Prime Minister Harper celebrates the 68th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence

Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued this statement to mark the 68th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence on August 14, 2015:

Stephen Harper PK

“On this day sixty-eight years ago, Pakistan became an independent state.

“Today we have the opportunity to recognize the ties between Canada and Pakistan and especially the significant contributions made by Canada’s large Pakistani community to the building of our country.

“I was pleased to recognize the contributions of Canadians of Pakistani origin by appointing Salma Ataullahjan, who is of Pakistani origin, as a Conservative Senator in 2010.

“I extend my best wishes to everyone in Canada and around the world celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day.”

Mr. Stephen Harper’s Facebook page released the following video with this message:

I was pleased to visit Masjid-e-Rehmat in Mississauga to mark Pakistan Independence Day. It was great to be joined by so many supporters from Mississauga’s Pakistani community.