Leaders Debate: Do we have a leader emerging with an economic vision for Canada?

September 17, 2015 [AH] – As we head towards the October 19 Federal Elections, the three major party leaders gathered in Calgary to debate their plans for the economy. The economy is the most critical ballot-box issue facing Canadian voters in the upcoming federal election. The Globe and Mail provided live streaming to the debate and aimed to probe the economic platforms of the three official parties, assessing their plans on everything from energy and housing to taxation and jobs.

Stephen Harper, who is looking to extend his tenure and get re-elected, kept maintaining that his plan to stay on a steady course with balanced budgets is the safe road to prosperity under his leadership.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau reiterated his strategic objectives and emphasized that now is the time to invest in the future of our country. Trudeau started off by asking, “Are you better off now than you were 10 years ago when Stephen Harper became prime minister? “I know that Canadians are worried about their jobs and that’s what this election is about: their jobs and the jobs their kids are going to have,” said Justin Trudeau.

Here’s the video clip Justin Trudeau tweeted a short while after the debate was over:

Justin Trudeau posted on Twitter: I’m in this race because, unlike Harper and Mulcair, I believe that better is always possible. Are you with me?

Between Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau, NDP leader Tom Mulcair Tom tried to emphasize the fact that it’s time for people look at NDP as the force for change, an alternative that the Canadians always wanted to opt for, to give Canadians a choice between Harper’s “snooze button” and Trudeau’s “panic button.” “Mr. Trudeau, you have voted for Mr. Harper’s budgets. I can guarantee you I’ve never voted for one of his budgets.” said the NDP leader as he made his point by stating: “We are a party that will make people our top priority.”  

Tom Mulcair stated, “We will take an approach that the wealthiest start paying their fair share…” and added, “We have a proud history of helping families get ahead & living within our means. It’s who we are…”

The debate saw some spirited moments and counter arguments. At one point both Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau attacked the Conservative leader over his government’s treatment of minorities and refugees. “Mr. Harper plays to fears all the time,” Trudeau shot back. “Fears of others, fears of different communities. We have a prime minister who prefers to pander to fears. That’s not right, sir.”

“Mr. Harper unfortunately… is fear-mongering,” Mulcair said. “It’s completely false to affirm that any of the parties in Canada would want to throw open the doors to Canada without any regards to security.”

Mulcair pointed out Stephen Harper’s failed job record and Justin Trudeau’s short-sighted promises. “We have a government that’s taken a rip and ship approach to sending our resources as fast as they can to other places,” said Mulcair. “We’ve got to keep the jobs here.”

“Stephen Harper’s plan gives billions in benefits to the wealthiest few and does nothing to help the middle class. Thomas Mulcair has no answers on the economy, and irresponsibly supports Harper’s plan to give more money to millionaires,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Canadians want a plan to invest in jobs, in transit, in clean water, in our middle class, and in people working hard to join it. Only Liberals will invest in growth that works for everyone.

Here are some of the reviews we gathered on Twitter:

In your opinion, who do you think came out with a better plan to address Canada’s economic challenges and lead Canadians to a prosperous future?