Justin Trudeau highlights his vision for a positive, optimistic and confident Canada

About 7,000 gather in Brampton as Justin Trudeau demonstrates he is more than ready

October 4, 2015 (Brampton) – They came out in thousands and thousands, the atmosphere was energetic and filled with passion, with people hoping and believing in real change.

“You know when your husband calls Gilles Duceppe, Mon Amour, the campaign has been too long”, said Sophie Trudeau while addressing thousands of supporters. The energy was amazing as Justin’s wife welcomed him on stage.


“There is so, so much worth fighting for in this election” said Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau was clear and confident about his vision for a stronger, confident and prosperous Canada. A Canada that doesn’t live in fear, but a country were Canadians live in harmony and make Canada stronger because of our diversity and differences.

As Justin began his speech he quoted Franklin Roosevelt’s “Nothing to fear but fear itself” and said, “Stephen Harper has nothing to offer but fear”.

“We have a chance to prove that fear and division won’t work here, not in Canada!” Justin Trudeau

And yes was the resounding answer as people greeted their leader Justin Trudeau’s call for real change in two weeks time. “We do not just need a different government, we need a better government that will work for Canadians” said Justin Trudeau.

“Justin Trudeau was inspiring, demonstrated he is more than ready to deliver on his plan for real change Canadians have been hoping for. Justin has the vision and a real plan that is in the interest of Canadians,” said Dr. Ahmed, a resident of Mississauga.

Liberals have a three-point plan for change that will: create jobs by making historic investments in infrastructure; grow the middle class by raising taxes on the wealthiest one percent and cutting taxes for middle class Canadians; and help those working to join the middle class by providing more money to help families with the high cost of raising their kids, and investing in essential social infrastructure, including affordable housing, as well as child care and seniors’ facilities.

“I have met with thousands of Canadians and one thing is crystal clear: it’s time for a change in this country – real change,” said Mr. Trudeau. “It’s time to invest in transit and roads so we can create the jobs and growth this economy so badly needs. It’s time for Members of Parliament who will represent their communities in Ottawa, rather than representing Ottawa in their communities. It’s time for an open and honest government that works hard to earn Canadians’ trust by putting its trust in Canadians. It’s time to close the book on the Harper decade.”

LIberal Trudeau

We have had a chance to take this country back from Stephen Harper and give it back to Canadians, Justin Trudeau said as he concluded his speech at the rally.

You can watch the complete speech here:

Photo credits: Livestream/Liberal Photo Release