October 19, 2015 (Mississauga, ON) – They came out in thousands and thousands, the atmosphere was always energetic and filled with passion, with people hoping and believing in real change. When Justin Trudeau spoke, he inspired everyone, the old, the young, even his critics in the end came to realization that Justin Trudeau has led the Liberal party to an astounding victory tonight. It was Justin Trudeau’s presence and leadership that inspired people to paint the victory colour, literally and liberally red.

As Liberals are on their way to securing a majority, NDP leader Tom Mulcair has just given his concession speech and said, “I congratulated Mr. Trudeau on his exceptional achievement and that of his party”. Tom Mulcair further said NDP will “work for Canadians every day in this new, majority government.”

Justin Trudeau was clear and confident about his vision for an “open, confident and hopeful” Canada. A Canada that doesn’t live in fear, but a country were Canadians live in harmony and make Canada stronger because of our diversity and differences.

Justin Trudeau inspired Canadians and brought them closer and once said in his speech in Brampton ON, “Stephen Harper has nothing to offer but fear”.

“We have a chance to prove that fear and division won’t work here, not in Canada!” Justin Trudeau

And yes was the resounding answer as people greeted their leader Justin Trudeau’s call for real change on October 19.

“Justin Trudeau was inspiring, and always demonstrated he is more than ready to deliver on his plan for real change Canadians have been hoping for. Justin has the vision and a real plan that is in the interest of Canadians,” said Dr. Anjum, a resident of Mississauga.

The focus of Liberal plan for change was focused: create jobs by making historic investments in infrastructure; grow the middle class by raising taxes on the wealthiest one percent and cutting taxes for middle class Canadians; and help those working to join the middle class by providing more money to help families with the high cost of raising their kids, and investing in essential social infrastructure, including affordable housing, as well as child care and seniors’ facilities.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper gave his concession speech, “Tonight’s result is nothing that we had hoped for….. a result we accept without hesitation…” said Mr. Harper as he thanked his constituency and supporters for renewing this support in him.

As Canadians gather in harmony and rejoice having exercised their democratic right to vote, it is also time to celebrate how proud we Canadians are as a nation and its people. Canadians have rejected fear mongering, people of this great nation came together and responded to the call of “Real Change” by Justin Trudeau.

Congratulations to the Liberal Party of Canada and Mr. Justin Trudeau, the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada.

Here’s the victory speech by Prime Minister Elect, Mr. Justin Trudeau:

Video: Liberal.ca/YouTube