Brampton West Liberal candidate Kamal Khera draws huge crowd at her Campaign Launch

[September 7, 2015 – Brampton] Liberal candidate from Brampton West Kamal Khera’s campaign office opening drew a huge crowd of over 500 supporters on Sunday. One of the youngest candidates in GTA, Kamal Khera seemed pleased and confident with the size of the crowd.

“This is all because of your enthusiasm, your support and your hard work that we are going to win this election and turn Brampton West RED”, said Kamal Khera in her speech to match the energy of her supporters.

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The grand opening was also attended by MP’s and other liberal candidates from GTA ridings including Dr Kirsti Duncan, Navdeep Bains, Sonia Sidhu, Gagan Sikand, Ruby Sahota, Rameshwar Sangha and Raj Grewal.

“It is great to see that so many people came out today to support Kamal. We as members of Justin Trudeau’s new team are committed to bring real change in our society and our political system.” said Navdeep Bains, former MP and candidate from Mississauga-Malton riding.

26 year old Kamal Khera is a registered nurse and a community activist. Kamal’s family moved to Canada from Delhi when she was in grade 4. She attended York University and earned her BSc in Psychology with Honors and BSc in Nursing with Honors.

“First as a nurse and now as a politician Kamal Khera’s motivation has always been to help others and work for our society. Her caring nature will bring a new touch and approach to political representation in the riding”, said Dr Kirsty Duncan, MP, Etobicoke North in her speech.

Kamal Khera’s campaign office is located at 811 Bovaird Drive West in Brampton.

For more information about the campaign or to volunteer, contact the campaign office at: 647-697-9262 or