Ontario NDP Deputy Leader Jagmeet Singh stands up for Taxi drivers with respect to Uber in the Ontario Legislature

October 5, 2015 (QUEEN’S PARK)- Jagmeet Singh said, “I rise today to raise the concerns of taxi drivers and limousine drivers across my constituency and across Ontario. Taxi drivers are raising concerns around Uber. Their concerns are that Uber perhaps doesn’t pay HST, which means lost revenue for the province and the country. They’re concerned that Uber drivers often don’t claim that income and that’s another source of loss of revenue. They’re also raising awareness and concerns around the fact that perhaps Uber drivers don’t pay for commercial insurance, which may leave drivers and passengers unprotected. They continue to raise concerns around the lack of training, that perhaps Uber drivers may make roads more unsafe in our province. They also raise concerns regarding the lack of accountability, that drivers are not accountable against specific complaints. Finally, they raise concerns around the safety of vehicles which aren’t subject to municipal standards.

Our taxi and limousine drivers provide an essential and important service in our province. They are well-trained professionals whose vehicles meet municipal standards and they provide an important service which must be respected by this government. This government has a responsibility to address their concern and I ask the government to address the concerns raised by these drivers. They certainly provide a very important service. They are well-trained professionals who deserve that respect.”