October 20, 2015 (BRAMPTON) – Following the close of polls on Election Day 2015, over 200 people gathered at the Canadian Convention Centre in Brampton to celebrate the election of Ramesh Sangha and the historic resurgence of the Liberal Party.

The excitement in the hall increased with each poll update and grew to a massive, continual roar as Mr. Sangha’s victory was called and a Liberal majority predicted.

During his victory speech, Mr. Sangha was regularly interrupted by applause as he thanked the myriad supporters and volunteers who made his victory possible. He praised Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Campaign team for running a positive campaign which engaged Brampton Centre residents with commitments to investment in Canada and to fixing a broken immigration and family reunification system.

Mr, Sangha reiterated his personal commitment to creating “an environment of opportunity for our youth and to assuring that our seniors are treated with the respect and dignity which they have earned.”

Tom Lewis, Mr. Sangha’s campaign manager, praised the volunteer team for its hard work and for keeping a positive and optimistic focus throughout this long campaign. Carey Miller, campaign communications manager discussed the well thought out Liberal platform, which lent itself so well to communicating with all the residents of Brampton.